Spine Cancer Surgery

For treatable tumors, we often start with radiation therapy. Surgery is less frequently used, but holds the potential to treat cancer that begins in the spine and to help relieve symptoms when it has spread (metastasized) there from elsewhere. When that happens, surgery can also:

  • Stabilize the spine
  • Avoid paralysis
  • Boost mobility
  • Help you return to other treatments

Spine Cancer Surgery at St. Joseph’s

Our surgeons have the experience and high skill level required for delicate, complex operations on spine tumors, as well as the required tools and technology. Specifically, they:

  • Ensure that as much tumor is removed as safely possible, while protecting the spinal cord and surrounding nerves (learn more about our spine treatments and intraoperative monitoring)
  • Reach tumors previously inaccessible to surgeons
  • Take out some types of cancer originating in the spine in one piece (en bloc resection), without disturbing the tumor
  • Operate on some metastasized tumors by going through the back (posterolateral resection) rather than the abdomen (anterior) — reducing complications and recovery time
  • Use embolization on some tumors before surgery to block supporting blood vessels — reducing blood loss during the operation and potentially making removal more effective 
  • Operate on tumors with minimally invasive spine surgery whenever possible

Learn more about additional services at our Cancer Institute.

Spine Cancer Surgery: What to Expect

We offer several types of spine cancer surgeries, with our surgeons’ recommendations based on the specific tumor. Surgeries include:

When we cannot remove a cancerous tumor completely, we may also recommend radiation and/or chemotherapy.

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