Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours


Adult and Pediatrics

Visitor access to all areas is restricted and requires a visitor identification after 9pm.

General visiting hours are designated from 8am to 9pm. Exceptions occur to meet the specific needs of patients and caregivers and are individualized to the patient and nursing unit.

  • Med/ Surgery: Immediate family or significant other or caregiver (maximum of one person)
  • Mom and Baby: Immediate family or significant other or caregiver
  • Labor and Delivery (L and D): Immediate family or significant other or caregiver
  • Immediate family or caregiver of critically ill patients and patients at the end of life
  • Families or caregivers awaiting emergency surgery
  • Parents or guardian or caregiver of pediatric patients
  • Emergency Department patients
  • Any other patients whose immediate family or caregivers have conflict during designated visiting hours
  • Special circumstances and needs of patients and families should always be considered when visitors present after 9pm


  • Overhead announcements identify end of visiting hours at 8:50pm
  • Visitors after 9pm will be permitted on a case by case basis based on the above criteria and at the discretion of the health care team and security
  • Visitor badging is according to facility-specific Policy and Procedures