Diagnosis & Treatment

The Heartburn Treatment Center provides a full spectrum of therapies for patients with GERD and related problems. The first place to start is with lifestyle changes to reduce or eliminate the circumstances that set off reflux. In addition, medications may be used to control acid production or assist the muscles that empty your stomach. If the condition continues to worsen and your symptoms are severe, surgery may be recommended.

Diagnosis - The First Step To Relief

The Heartburn Treatment Center offers the latest technology to determine if you have GERD or a related problem. Our diagnostic resources include: 

  • Bravo™ pH Monitoring: This state-of-the-art system uses a tiny tube inserted in your esophagus to measure acid in the area over a 48-hour period while you go about your regular daily activities.
  • Upper Endoscopy: During this outpatient procedure your physician uses a tiny tube containing a camera to examine the surface of the esophagus for abnormalities. 
  • Barium Swallow Radiograph: While you drink a special solution, X-ray images are taken of the esophagus to help diagnose severe inflammation, narrowing of the esophagus, hiatal hernia, ulcers and other problems. However, this test will not detect mild irritation.

Medical Treatment - The Next Step

In addition to lifestyle changes, you may be able to control the condition with certain medications. These include over-the-counter antacids to neutralize stomach acid and medications that reduce the amount of stomach acid produced. There are also prescription drugs that help to heal irritation in the esophagus and relieve symptoms.

Because these medications work in different ways, your physician will determine what drug or combination of drugs will work best for your specific symptoms and condition. For patients with severe GERD who do not respond to lifestyle changes and medications, surgery may be recommended.

Get To The Heart Of Your Heartburn

If you suffer with heartburn or indigestion more than two times a week, call the Heartburn Treatment Center at South Florida Baptist Hospital at (813) 757-8036 or for a referral to one of our Gastroenterologists, call (813) 754-4444.