Sleep Disorders Support Groups

Sleep Disorders Support Groups

A.W.A.K.E. Support Group

The American Sleep Apnea Association A.W.A.K.E. (Alert, Well, And Keeping Energetic) Network is composed of hundreds of mutual-help support groups in nearly all 50 states to assist patients affected by sleep apnea and their families. Anyone seeking support is welcome, including patients not studied at Morton Plant Mease centers, family members, friends, and those looking for information on sleep disorders. Morton Plant Mease A.W.A.K.E. meetings are held monthly at Mease Countryside Hospital. For more information, contact Marietta Bibbs at (727) 725-6455. No appointment is necessary and there is no charge for the clinic, but if you would like to reserve a space you can visit the BayCare events page. Below is the weekly schedule for 2016:

2016 A.W.A.K.E Schedule
Mease Countryside Hospital, Meeting Rooms 1-3




January 20, 6pm

Stephen Scranton, MD
Internal Medicine

Lifestyle and Cognitive Function             
February 17, 6pm

Michelle Zetoony, DO
Pulmonary Disease and Sleep Medicine

Sleep Hygiene Habits Can Improve Your Sleep
March 16, 6pm

Jaspreet Pestana, MD
Obesity Medicine

Syndrome Z: Clustering of Metabolic Syndrome and Sleep Apnea
April 20, 6pm

Diana Pollock, MD

Natural Products that Improve Sleep
May 18, 6pm

Whims Squires, DO
Pulmonary Disease and Sleep Medicine

Options when I Just Can't Use CPAP
June 15, 6pm

Stuart Sinoff, MD

Smartphone Technology and Apps to Sleep By
July 20, 6pm

Alex Johnson, DMD, MS

Is Oral Appliance Therapy the Right Option for Me?
August 17, 6pm

Brian M. Gillooly, PT, M.Ed.

Exercise Options for Patients with Sleep Apnea
September 21, 6pm     

Cindy Bray, RN, BSN, CDE

Managing Diabetes Effectively
October 19, 6pm

Reinerio Linares-Mero, MD
Pulmonary Disease

Why Does CPAP Work Better for Others Than For Me?
November 16, 6pm

Alfonso Castro, MD
Pulmonary Disease and Sleep Medicine

Am I Getting Enough Sleep?
December 21, 6pm

BayCare Sleep Centers, DME companies
and PAP manufacturers

Sleep Health Fair and Holiday Party