Visiting Hours and Policies

Visiting Hours and Policies

Visitors can help make your hospital stay more pleasant. We encourage time with your family and friends; however, your recovery depends on getting plenty of rest so we urge you to limit your visitors to two at a time. During physician visits, we request that visitors wait outside your room until the doctor has completed your examination. Restrictions apply to visitation in certain areas of the hospital, and we request that all visitors check with the nurses’ station before entering a patient room.

Visiting hours are from 8am to 8:30pm.

Your relatives and friends can check to see how you are doing by calling the nurses’ station. We do ask that you designate one member of your family to call the hospital and relay the information to others. To protect your privacy, we will provide limited information. We will also inform callers whether you are able to receive visitors, flowers or phone calls.

Calling a patient

Each patient has a direct phone number to their room that is given to the patient upon admission. If you do not know what that number is please call the operator at (863) 533-8111 and ask for the room number or ask the patient's nurse.