Your Recovery Plan

Man and doctor talking.

You’ll work closely with your healthcare team to create a plan for recovery. This plan may include:

  • Tests to check how well your heart is healing

  • Treatments, such as medicines or procedures, to help your heart work better

  • Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) to help make your heart healthier

  • Management of your risk factors, the things that put you at risk for another heart attack

  • Frequent follow-ups with your healthcare provider

Your role

You play the biggest role in your recovery plan. Only you can make the lifestyle changes needed to help prevent another heart attack.

  • Ask any questions you have and get the answers you need.

  • Ask for support following your plan, making changes, and learning new habits.

  • Know your options and participate in making decisions about treatment.

  • Follow the plan you've agreed upon with your healthcare provider. Always ask when you have questions.