Urostomy: Emptying Your Pouch

Woman sitting on toilet emptying urostomy pouch into toilet. You’ve just had a urostomy. As part of your surgery, a small opening (stoma) was made in your abdomen. Urine and mucus drain from the stoma into a disposable pouch. You’ll need to empty your pouch when it gets to be about one-third full. The pouch is likely to become this full every 2 to 3 hours. Emptying your pouch keeps the pouch from bulging under your clothes. It also helps prevent leakage and odor.

How to empty your pouch

To empty your pouch, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Empty the pouch.

  • Sit on or stand in front of the toilet. Put a layer of toilet paper in the toilet bowl to keep urine from splashing.

  • Pull your clothes away from the pouch.

  • Hold the pouch drain at the bottom of the bag over the toilet bowl.

  • Open the pouch drain so that urine flows into the toilet.

  • Empty all the urine and mucus from the pouch. While holding the pouch with one hand, slide the fingers of your other hand down the pouch. This will help empty any mucus from the pouch.

Step 2: Close the pouch drain.

  • Once you’ve emptied the pouch, use a piece of toilet paper to dry the tip of the drain. This will keep any urine or mucus from getting on your clothes.

  • Put the pouch drain in the “closed” position.

  • Wash your hands after emptying the pouch.