Treating Glaucoma

Heathcare provider examining man's eyes.

Treatment can prevent or limit vision loss from glaucoma. The goal of treatment is to control glaucoma by lowering eye pressure. Your eye healthcare provider can suggest what treatment is best for you. You may just need more frequent exams. Medicines and procedures may also help.

Medicines to lower eye pressure

Eye drops and pills may be used to lower eye pressure. Some medicines reduce the amount of fluid your eyes make. Others increase drainage of fluid from the eyes. Use your medicines every day as directed. Don't stop taking them—even if you have no symptoms. If you do, eye pressure can rise rapidly and damage your vision. If the medicines cause side effects, talk to your eye healthcare provider.

Procedures to improve eye drainage

In some cases of glaucoma, other procedures are used to improve eye drainage:

  • Lasers can be used to increase drainage.

  • If other treatments don't work, surgery may be suggested.