Tips to Help Kids Control Asthma

  • Know the triggers. An allergy test can pinpoint the culprit, then you can try to eliminate the dust mites, cat dander or mildew that is causing asthma.

  • Stop smoking. Secondhand smoke aggravates asthma. Eliminate indoor cooking smoke.

  • Keep your child active. The keys to safe exercise: medication and warm-ups before exercise.

  • Work with your child's doctor and teachers. Involve older children in treatment.

  • Know your child's asthma cues. Each child's symptoms and treatment differ, so watch for the subtle signs.

  • Have and know how to use a peak flow meter; know your child's red, green and yellow zones.

  • Teach children how to relax and catch their breath when necessary.

  • Know when and where to seek medical aid for an attack.

  • Stay positive. Let your child join in normal activities.