Tips for Healthy Marinades

Many marinades are low in calories and fat-free, but they can also be high in sodium and many contain sugar. Oil-based marinades, however, will be higher in fat and calories. 

One serving of a marinade can be as small as one teaspoon, which doesn't stretch very far. The calorie and sodium count can multiply quickly when you need several tablespoons--or even a half-cup--of marinade.

These shopping tips will help you select the most healthful marinades:

  • Pay attention to serving sizes. Marinades with larger serving sizes allow you to more realistically assess the calories and sodium your meal will contain.

  • Check the sodium content and choose lower-sodium products. Instead of relying on salt for flavor, consider adding your own fresh herbs, such as basil or cilantro, to marinades. 

  • Check the total calories and fat, especially if you are watching your weight 

  • Check for sugar content if you're limiting your sugar intake.