Tips for a Healthy Restaurant Breakfast

Do you want to cut fat out of your diet, but not give up breakfast at your favorite restaurant? Try healthy alternatives, such as eliminating bacon and sausage on your egg sandwich, or having a small low-fat bran muffin instead of hash browns. You'll be able to eat a healthier breakfast without scrimping on your morning enjoyment. Occasionally, it is okay to order up the big breakfast of bacon and eggs. When you do, be sure to make it your main meal of the day. In addition, limit your lunch and dinner to a salad and fruit. Also, take a walk to work off the extra bacon and egg calories!

If you're tempted to skip breakfast altogether to save on calories, think again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the fuel to get your body and brain working after many hours of fasting.

Other tips

Here are some additional suggestions for a healthy breakfast:

  • Eat cereal with skim milk.

  • Use jam instead of butter.

  • At a buffet, load your first plate with fruit only. Eat it slowly and enjoy. Then go back and get what you want--within reason.

  • Choose fat-free toast or bagels over biscuits or croissants. Don’t butter your toast, bagel, or other breads.

  • If meat is a must, go with Canadian bacon, turkey sausage, or lean ham.

  • If you have high cholesterol levels, watch how many eggs you eat. The American Heart Association recommends that if you are healthy, you should limit your daily cholesterol intake to 300 mg or less; if you have heart disease, you should limit yourself to no more than 200 mg a day. One egg yolk contains about 200 mg of cholesterol. Try egg substitute mixed with a real egg.

  • Order eggs alone or with cheese or meat, but not both. They are both high in fat.

  • Request toppings, such as cream cheese, whipped cream, sour cream, or butter on the side. That way you can control how much you use.

Healthy update cafe

When dining out at different kinds of restaurants, here are the breakfasts to pick:

  • Fast food restaurant (egg sandwich with Canadian bacon; bran muffin; egg bagel)

  • Roadside diner (low-fat cereal with skim milk; fat-free English muffin with jam; grapefruit)

  • Bagel shop (one bagel and low-fat cream cheese; small [4 ounces] orange juice)

  • Pancake house (whole-grain pancakes with low-calorie syrup; fruit cocktail in its own juice)

  • Buffet (fruit; yogurt; hot cereal; toast)

  • Family style (egg-white omelet; fat-free wheat toast with jam)

  • Doughnut shop (low-fat muffin; glass of skim milk)