Stroke: Resources and Support

Healthcare provider taking man's blood pressure at home.

After stroke rehab, your loved one may need ongoing therapy or nursing care. Talk with a social worker or case manager about planning for care and local sources of support.

Planning for home care

  • A nurse may come and check his or her blood pressure.

  • A physical therapist may help with exercises. The therapist will often show him or her and family members certain exercises that can be done without supervision.

  • Speech and occupational therapists can help the whole family communicate and handle tasks of daily living better.

Adult day care

You may be afraid to leave your loved one alone. Adult day care facilities can provide supervision if you need time away during the day. They also give your loved one a chance to be with other people.

Other resources

You can also check your phone book and the internet for other resources. Try the following listings:

  • Churches and synagogues

  • Recreation centers

  • Adult daycare

  • Social services

  • Support groups

  • Online stroke support communities

  • National Stroke Association, 800-787-6537 

  • American Stroke Association, 888-478-7653

  • Family Caregiver Alliance, 800-445-8106