Standard Precautions: Removing Gloves Safely

To remove gloves without spreading germs, never touch your skin with the outside of either glove. Follow these steps:

Hand peeling surgical glove off other hand.

Two fingers of one hand pulling surgical glove off other hand.

Step 1.

  • Grasp the palm of one glove near your wrist.

  • Carefully pull the glove off, turning it inside out.

Step 2.

  • Hold the glove in the palm of the still-gloved hand.

  • Slip two fingers under the wrist of the remaining glove.

Hand pulling surgical glove off other hand.

Hands washing with soap in sink.

Step 3.

  • Pull the glove until it comes off inside out.

  • The first glove should end up inside the glove you just took off.

  • Dispose of the gloves safely.

Step 4.

  • Always wash your hands after removing gloves and before touching any objects or surfaces. Gloves can have holes in them that are too small to be seen.

When to wear gloves

Before putting on gloves, wash and dry your hands well. Cover scratches or scrapes with bandages.

  • Wear gloves whenever contact is possible with blood, all body fluids and substances (except sweat), broken skin, or mucous membranes.

  • Wear gloves when touching any item or area that may be contaminated.

  • Don't touch uncontaminated items with contaminated gloves.

  • Remove gloves right after use. Wash hands and put on clean gloves between patients and procedures. Don't reuse disposable gloves.