Resources for People with Cancer

A group of men sitting and talking

You do not have to fight cancer alone. Reach out. Seek support from family, friends, and others who care about you. Let other people assist you. It can help you feel better both during and after your treatment.

Support groups

When you have cancer, support groups can be a great help. Meeting and talking with others with cancer can help you cope. There are also support groups for families of people with cancer. To find a support group, talk to your hospital’s patient education department. Ask your healthcare provider. You can also do a search for “cancer support groups” online.

For more information

Contact the sources below for more information about cancer and cancer support groups:

  • American Cancer Society (ACS) 800-227-2345

  • National Cancer Institute 800-422-6237

Local resources

Ask your healthcare provider about your local ACS or other support groups. Write the information here to keep it handy: