Recovering from Addiction

Man and woman playing tennis.Recovery means making a new life for yourself. This includes finding new interests. It involves building new relationships. It means taking better care of yourself. These will all help you replace substance use with a new and healthier life. They will also help you avoid the things that could make you want to use again.

Make lifestyle changes

A big part of recovery is changing habits. These are habits that may have led to your substance abuse. It’s also a time for personal growth. Below are some changes you may want to make.

  • Find new activities and goals. You may want to try new hobbies and interests. Or, you may want to join an activity group to meet new people.

  • Build relationships. You may choose to spend more time with loved ones you lost touch with while you were using. You may also want to make new friends. And there may be some friends or family members you will not want to see because they are still using.

  • Exercise and eat well. Get some physical activity on most days. This can help you feel better. Eat healthy meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This can also help your well-being. A nutritionist or fitness expert can help you.

  • Maintain ties with medical and addiction professionals. While you may not need intense professional support, it is important to have reliable safety nets so you can access professional assistance when needed.

  • Relax and get enough sleep. Good sleep can help you feel better. So can less stress. Ask your counselor about relaxation exercises. These may include meditation. Also ask about stress management classes.