Putting on Compression Stockings

image of woman putting on compression stocking 

woman rolling compression stocking her leg 

compression stockin on woman's leg;  

woman using stocking donner to put on rubber stocking 

Elastic compression stockings are prescribed to treat many vein problems. Wearing them may be the most important thing you do to manage your symptoms. The stockings fit tightly around your ankle, gradually reducing in pressure as they go up your legs. This helps keep blood flowing to your heart. As a result, swelling is reduced. Your doctor will prescribe stockings at a safe pressure for you. He or she will also tell you how often to wear and remove the stockings. Follow these instructions closely. Also, do not buy or wear compression stockings without first seeing your doctor.

Tips for Wear and Care

To wear stockings safely and to get the most benefit:

  • Wear the length prescribed by your doctor.

  • Pull them to the designated height and no farther. Don’t let them bunch at the top. This can restrict blood flow and increase swelling.

  • Wear the stockings for the amount of time your doctor recommends. Replace them when they start to feel loose. This will likely be every 3 to 6 months.

  • Remove them as your doctor directs. When removed, wash your legs. Then check your legs and feet for sores. Call your doctor if you find a sore. Don’t put the stockings back on unless your doctor directs. 

  • Wash the stockings as instructed. They may need to be handwashed.