Protecting Your Foot After Foot Surgery

Woman with cast on leg sitting on couch with leg elevated.

To help the bone heal correctly, you may need to wear a cast. If you do, always keep it dry. Your healthcare provider will tell you whether you can bear weight on your foot while it heals. He or she may also prescribe a surgical shoe for you to wear.


A cast is sometimes needed after foot surgery to help the bone heal right. When you wear a cast, your foot stays in place during the healing process. Some casts are weight-bearing, while others are not. Your affected bone is often strong enough for weight-bearing in about 6 weeks. But the bone takes about 6 months to regain normal strength.


Bearing weight and walking can improve blood flow and promote healing. But don’t overuse your foot. If you do, you may have a harder time healing after surgery. So, always follow your healthcare provider's instructions.

Walking aids

Your healthcare provider may also tell you to use a cane, crutches, or a walker. That way, you can keep all or part of your weight off your foot. These devices also give you support as you walk. You will be shown how to use walking aids correctly.

Surgical shoes

A surgical shoe can protect the foot as it heals. Your healthcare provider will tell you when you can start wearing your own shoe again.