Medicine for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) can scar the lungs and other parts of the body, such as the kidneys, bones, or the brain. TB can even be fatal. If you know you have TB, get medical treatment. This usually involves medicine. It is essential that you follow your treatment plan as instructed.


Take ALL of your medicine as prescribed. If you don’t, the TB may not go away and you may still be infected.

Woman sitting at table taking pill, holding glass of water. Pill organizer is on table.

Treatment with medicine

TB infection and disease are treated with medicines. You may have tests to tell which medicines are right for you. You’ll have to take more than one kind of medicine. Treatment may last many months. Many people feel better after taking their medicines for only a few weeks. But it is very important to continue taking them exactly as you are told. This should cure the disease. If you don’t take all your medicine, your symptoms may come back.

Follow your treatment plan

Follow the instructions on your prescription. Follow any instructions your healthcare provider gives you. This is the only way to make your TB go away. Take all of your medicines, even if you are not having any symptoms.

Go for follow-up

If you have TB infection or disease, go for follow-up exams. Exams help to make sure any medicine you’re given is working. It's also when your provider can check to see if your TB is getting better or worse. The only way to cure TB is to take all of your medicine as instructed.

For more information

For more information on TB, call your local health department. Also call the American Lung Association at 800-586-4872, or visit them on the Internet at