How Kids Can Fight Obesity

  • If weight loss is needed, set realistic goals. A 10 percent weight loss will yield immediate benefits, including less fatigue.

  • Find snack alternatives. Munch fruits, not chips.

  • Use moderation. One cookie is fine -- not eight. Don't eat super-size fast food.

  • Get moving. Build up to at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity three times a week.

  • Change habits. Just switching to skim milk can help.

  • Start early. About 40 percent of overweight children remain overweight as adults. The ratio rises to 75 percent for adolescents.

  • Avoid cure-alls. Foods with fat substitutes can cause digestive problems and encourage overeating.

  • Limit television and video games to 30 minutes a day. Allow computer use only for school homework.