Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press

Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press

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Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press

Man holding hand weights out to sides with elbows bent at shoulder level. One arm is extended up.

This exercise stretches and strengthens your shoulders. Before starting, read through all the instructions. During the exercise, breathe normally and use smooth movements. Stop if you feel any pain. If pain persists, call your health care provider.

  • Hold a ____ pound weight in each hand, elbows at shoulder level, palms facing forward. Arms to the side and slightly forward. 

  • Raise one arm up until it’s almost straight. Hold for a second. Lower the weight, extending the other arm up.

  • Repeat ____ times with each arm. Do ____ sets ____ times a day.

CAUTION: If you have shoulder problems, consult your health care provider before doing this exercise. Keep your head and body still during the exercise. Only your arms should move.