What Is Domestic Abuse?

What Is Domestic Abuse?

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What Is Domestic Abuse?

Each day there are people of all ages, races, and income levels who are harmed by those close to them. If you are being abused, now is the time to plan and prepare for a new life. With information and support, you can begin the journey. Domestic abuse is a crime that invades the home. Women and children are often the targets.

Woman crouched down holding her head in fear. Man's fist is near her head.

How Domestic Abuse Happens

  • Bodily harm may be done to you. It can range from pushing or slapping to broken bones or forced sex.

  • Emotional control may isolate you from others. You may be threatened with bodily harm or the loss of your children.

  • Verbal insults can damage your belief in yourself. You may be called names, put down, harassed, or blamed without cause.

The Pattern of Abuse

If you are the target of abuse, days or weeks may pass between attacks. But you may recognize a dangerous pattern that repeats:

  • The abuser attacks with words or actions.

  • The abuser begs forgiveness and may promise to change.

  • The abuser starts acting tense, angry, or depressed. These are signs that abuse will start again.