For Parents: Gun Safety Checklist

For Parents: Gun Safety Checklist

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For Parents: Gun Safety Checklist


How careful are you when handling guns? Your child will look to you as a role model. You need to act safely.


Follow these rules:

  • Never point a gun at anyone, even if you know the gun is unloaded. It is not a toy.

  • Get training on the proper use, storage, and maintenance of any gun you own.

  • Keep a trigger lock on your gun. Treat all guns as if they’re working and loaded.

  • Keep guns and ammunition locked in separate locations.

Can you check off each of the following?

? I have spoken to my child about what to do if he or she sees a gun.

? If I own a gun, I have had proper training on how to use, care for, and store it.

? I keep my gun stored in a locked location and store the bullets in a separate locked location.

? I set a good example for my child on the safe use and handling of guns.

? I keep a gun log book. I write down when I talk with my child about guns. I also record when I maintain my gun or buy any new gun.