Turning Patients Over in Bed

Turning Patients Over in Bed

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Turning Patients Over in Bed

It’s difficult to get close enough to patients in bed to turn them over safely, so concentrate on putting your body as close to theirs as you can. Usually 1 or 2 people can turn a patient safely. And the patient can sometimes help by pushing down with a heel. Start the turn with the patient on the side of the bed opposite the direction he or she will be rolling.

Moving patient


Cross Arms

  • Put the bed rail and head of the bed down; adjust the top of the bed to waist- or hip-level.

  • Cross the patient’s arms on his or her chest; bend the leg farther away from you.

Moving patient


Turn the Patient

  • Put 1 hand behind the patient’s far shoulder.

  • Put your other hand behind the patient’s hip.

  • Turn the patient, supporting the patient’s leg with your knee.

  • Put the rail back up when you have finished turning the patient. 

Remember: Putting 1 knee on the bed gets you closer to the patient, so you pull more with your body and less with your back.