HazCom: Radiation

HazCom: Radiation

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HazCom: Radiation

Used properly, radiation can help detect illness and treat cancer. But it can be a hazard if accidental exposure reaches X-ray technicians, nurses, or others working near it. Your health care facility has set safe work practices to keep both workers and patients safe, and advises that pregnant women take additional precautions.

Health care provider standing behind wall with window watching patient lying on table under X-ray machine.

Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Wear film badges so your employer can monitor your exposure. Wear lead aprons and gloves when appropriate.

Follow Safe Work Practices

  • When radiation is given, stand behind a lead shield or wall.

Avoid Unnecessary Exposure

  • Transport patients with radioactive implants in empty elevators, so you don’t expose others to needless radiation.

Observe Signs

  • Recognize radiation warning signs, and never enter a room while patients are undergoing radiation therapy.

Know the Risk

Radiation can affect the skin and eyes, and cause sterility, genetic damage, cancer, and a shortened life expectancy.