Hip Safety: Using the Toilet

Hip Safety: Using the Toilet

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Hip Safety: Using the Toilet

Using the bathroom can be challenging after hip surgery. Follow your “hip precautions” and the tips on this sheet to keep your new hip safe when using the toilet.

Man in hospital gown in bathroom holding on to walker handle with one hand. He is backing up to toilet. His free hand is resting on toilet side rail to help steady him while he sits.

  • Back up until you feel the toilet touch the back of your legs.

  • Place your operated leg in front of you, keeping your weight on the other leg.

  • Look behind you and grasp the grab bar (or side rails, if you’re using a toilet with rails).

  • Lower yourself onto the front of the toilet, then scoot back.

  • To get up, reverse these steps.

  • If you have a low toilet seat at home, your health care provider may prescribe an elevated toilet seat lift.

Remember Your Hip Precautions:

  • Keep the angle at your hip greater than 90°. (Don’t move your knees and chest too far toward each other.)

  • Do not cross your legs or ankles or let your operated thigh cross the middle of your body.

  • Do not turn your operated hip or knee inward.