For Kids: Asthma Symptoms and Triggers

You can learn how to help control your asthma. One way is to learn about the things that make your symptoms worse or cause you to have flare-ups. You can also learn early signs of a flare-up. The more you know, the easier it will be to control your asthma.

Know your early signs and symptoms

Girl sitting up in bed, coughing.

How do you feel when your asthma begins to flare up? You may have trouble sleeping. Or you may feel tired and weak. Make sure you know what to do if you feel any of your early signs. Your healthcare provider most likely instructed you to take medicine. Check your early warning signs:

? Coughing

? Waking up at night with symptoms (for example, coughing) 

? Breathing faster

? Feeling tight in your chest

? Wheezing, or a whistling sound when breathing

? Feeling out of breath

? Feeling tired

? Other symptoms: _____________________________

Know your asthma triggers

Some things make your asthma symptoms worse or cause a flare up. They are called asthma triggers. Try to stay away from them or control them. Here are some common asthma triggers. Check the triggers that make your asthma flare up:

? Pets

? Cold air   

? Mold

? Pollen

? Perfume 

? Dust 

? A cold/flu 

? Smoke

? Air pollution   

? Grass

? Strong smells