Follow-up Appointment After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

After percutaneous coronary intervention – or PCI -- expect that you’ll need regular follow-up appointments with your doctor. Immediately after the procedure, your appointments will focus on how well you are healing after your angioplasty. Later appointments will assess your overall heart health and help you address risk factors for heart disease.

Before you go home, your health care team will schedule an appointment for your first follow-up visit.  Be sure your appointment is scheduled on a day that you can make it. You may want to arrange for someone to help you get to and from your first follow-up appointment. Follow all of the instructions your doctor has given you after your procedure. Call if you have questions.

You’ll see your doctor for your first follow-up visit about a week after the procedure. Your doctor will check the catheter insertion site. You may also have tests to check your heart and overall health. Going forward, you  may need to see your heart doctor or primary care doctor regularly. These visits allow your doctor to track your health and manage your heart disease.