Coping with Change in the Workplace

Woman talking on cell phone in front of laptop at home.

Change is a normal part of life. But it can make you feel worried and unsure. Changes at work can make you feel anxious. This is true even with positive changes, such as getting a new job you wanted. Other less helpful changes may make you frustrated or angry.

You can’t always control change. But you can learn to control how it affects you. If you refuse to change, you may not move forward. But if you learn to adapt, you will find that change often brings new opportunities.

Use change to meet your goals

When you accept change, you can deal with it in a positive way. First, make a list of your goals, both work-related and personal. How can the changes happening at your workplace help you reach your goals? Work-related changes can force you to rethink old ideas. This may help you make a few good changes of your own.

What matters to you?

If you know what’s important to you, then reacting to change is easier. Think about the questions below. Be honest with your answers. The only right answer is the one that’s right for you.

  • What do I want from my job?

  • Do I like predictable, creative, secure work? Or do I prefer to work independently?

  • Do I work best alone or with other people?

  • Do I want strong leadership? Or more independence?

  • How much emotional, physical, and financial security do I need?

Your answers to these questions can help you reach your goals, no matter what changes come your way. It’s important to know what you really want. Then you can make choices, and changes, that will help you.