Comparing Granola Bars

Don't confuse granola bars with breakfast or cereal bars. Granola bars are typically made from whole grains; breakfast bars are typically made with refined grain and look like a smooth pastry.

Few granola bars are high in fiber, and some have more sugar than one serving of cereal. But most are low in fat and provide adequate nutrition as a quick breakfast or snack.

Here are a few shopping tips:

  • Pay attention to serving size. Larger granola bars are higher in calories, and some products come packaged with two bars per serving.

  • Check the fat content and choose products low in total fat, especially saturated and trans fats.

  • Check the ingredients list. Look for simple ingredients and make sure the whole grain (usually whole oats) is the first ingredient. 

  • Granola bars that contain candy and are marketed to children may be higher in fat but, on average, contain no more sugar than other bars.

  • Take the time to compare granola bar brands. When possible, buy bars with more than 2 to 3 grams fiber per serving and that are lower in total carbohydrates or sugars than other bars.