Palliative Care

BayCare is committed to improving the quality of life for our community. Our palliative care programs offer a holistic approach to relieving the pain, suffering and stress that patients with chronic illness are experiencing. Our palliative care team works with the patient and family to offer emotional, social and spiritual support and care.

What is Palliative Care?
Palliative care is medical, spiritual and emotional care focused on relief of the pain, suffering and stress of advanced or chronic illness.  It includes emotional, psycho-social and spiritual support for the patient and caregiver. If you or your family member have a chronic or life limiting illness such as heart or lung disease, or certain cancers or diabetes (among many others), you may be a candidate for palliative care services. The goal of palliative care is to make your life as comfortable and manageable as possible.  Palliative care may be provided alongside curative and preventative treatments. 

Who Provides Palliative Care ?
The palliative care team may include specialized physicians, nurses, professional counselors and chaplains. The team works together with the patient, family and the patient's physician to offer hope, empowerment and the highest quality of care.

Positive Outcomes of Palliative Care

Studies have shown that Palliative care may effectively relieves pain and symptom distress, helps with difficult decision-making, helps reduce confusion, anxiety and stress for the patient and family and eases transitions to other care services or settings.

A female nurse holds the hands of a senior female patient while talking with her.
A female nurse meets with a senior couple.

Patient and Family Benefit 

Thanks to the advances in modern medicine, people with chronic and advanced illnesses very often can live longer and more active lives. Palliative care offers numerous benefits to you and your family including expert treatment of pain and symptoms, respite from the worry, anxiety and depression that accompanies chronic illnesses, coordination of care among various providers and health care settings and support for the family in their care role, offering advice, instruction and services.

Palliative Care Contact Information

Mease Countryside Hospital: (727) 735-8465
Mease Dunedin Hospital: (727) 734-6711
Morton Plant Hospital: (727) 461-8231
Morton Plant North Bay Hospital: (727) 815-7328
St. Anthony's Hospital: (727) 820-7737
St. Joseph's Hospital: (813)870-4421


A female nurse talks with a senior male patient while pushing his wheelchair.