Food to Keep Your Energy Up During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is eating a healthy snack.Your feet are swollen, your joints ache and your baby bump is more like a baby watermelon. However, your energy level is so low you don’t even have enough stamina to hiccup let alone stretch. Your baby is putting even more demand on your body, which means your energy level needs to replenish frequently.

During your pregnancy, you are carrying an extra 20-30 pounds, which means you’ll need to be consuming an additional 300 calories per day. But this doesn’t mean you get to eat an extra juicy cheeseburger or a large pizza. What you eat can have a positive effect on you energy level.

  • Increase water consumption: Dehydration can lead to even more fatigue than you are already feeling. It’s best to aim for 64 ounces of water.
  • Pack in the protein: Foods like cheese, peanut butter and trail mix all contain enough protein to keep your energy level up and complex carbs to help keep you fuller longer.
  • Fruits: They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it will also keep your energy level up. Fruit is rich in carbs, which your body burns to produce energy. Fruit also carries a lot of vitamin C, which is good for overall health.

Remember, while you are feeling sluggish and ready for a nap, your baby is only getting bigger and taking up more space.

Eating a large meal can really fill you up and cause your energy levels to fluctuate while it digests everything. Eat small, frequent meals with a good balance of protein and carbs, which will keep you more comfortable and ready to tackle your everyday life.

You deserve to experience your pregnancy, not sleep through it. For more tips on how to triumph over your pregnancy, visit