Intensive Care for Newborns

Although most babies are born healthy, you can be assured that if there are complications with your baby’s birth, four BayCare Health System hospitals are equipped with Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

We have Level II and Level III intensive care units which are staffed by specially trained physicians and nurses 24 hours a day. These neonatologists, certified nurses, and respiratory therapists are supplied with the latest advancements and treatments available for babies born prematurely, with congenital defects, or many other medical conditions. We also have level 4* intensive care units. 

Whether your baby’s heart or lungs need assistance functioning or there is an infection which must be addressed, the highest level of care possible will be compassionately given to your newborn.

Babies born at our other facilities who require this advanced level of care will be transferred via a specialized NICU transport ambulance to one of the neonatal intensive care units listed below:

For more information or a physician referral, call (888) 828-9580 or find a doctor near you

*Level 4 is an American Academy of Pediatrics level of designation.