Fitness Programs

women in fitness classThere are many great benefits to dedicating a few hours a week to fitness. Exercise can boost energy, improve your mood, combat health conditions, help with weight control and improve sleep. Instituting programs that make it easier for your employees to make time for fitness not only shows you care about their health and happiness, but it can improve your work environment and your team’s productivity.

Group Fitness Classes for Employees

Want to make fitness even more convenient and provide a great platform for team building? We provide on-site group fitness workouts designed to improve strength, mobility, endurance and cardiovascular health. Classes are for all levels of fitness and can be modified to make sure employees are getting the exercise they need.

Stretching Program

A BayCare exercise physiologist can come on-site for a one-hour presentation to demonstrate workplace stretching exercises to your employees. Exercises can be done at or away from the desk with or without an exercise band. Example Exercises

Ultimate Loser Program

Setting up a weight-loss challenge among co-workers inspires camaraderie and a little healthy competition. In the end, there may be one official winner, but everyone enjoys the reward of improved health. BayCare offers an Ultimate Loser program, a 12 week program that includes weekly fitness classes, educational seminars, and 4 on-site weigh-ins designed to help your employees lose weight and improve their health. All sessions are provided by BayCare Fitness Center staff that are accessible to participants throughout the duration of the program via phone or email to provide health and weight loss consultations.

On-Site Chair Massages

Your employees can enjoy a relaxing chair massage at your worksite with a licensed massage therapist. Massage is a highly effective way to reduce and prevent stress and also is a great morale booster. An energizing massage can give your team a new outlook on their workday.

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Fitness Center Corporate Discounts

Our fitness centers include exercise and educational classes, state-of-the-art equipment, personal trainers and coaches. Fitness centers offer all the amenities, convenience and services to achieve total wellness and fitness.

The Corporate Discount Program requires no financial burden on your corporation. You provide information about our wellness center to your employees and encourage them to use our facilities, and in exchange, we offer a discount on the enrollment fee for all employees.

The Corporate Capitation Program gives your corporation the choice to purchase annual memberships for 35 percent of your employees, while opening membership registration to 100 percent of your employees. The percentage is based on studies the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) that show, on average, 35 percent of any given employee population will actively use a fitness facility throughout the year. Payments for this program are due quarterly. The program would be reviewed annually to adjust for utilization.

The Corporate Sponsorship Program allows your corporation the opportunity to pay a portion of the cost for employees. BayCare matches that portion (up to $10) and your employees pay the balance; the employees enjoy a discounted rate.

A minimum of five employees is required per program. With the Corporate Capitation Program and Corporate Sponsorship Program options, we include the opportunity for you to have two lectures at your site for no additional charge. 

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All of the above services and programs can be worked into a customized corporate wellness package or as individual services. If you’re interested in discussing a potential package or individual fitness program packages, please call us at (844) 420-8364.