Children's Health

Unparalleled Devotion to Kids

There are a lot of great things to share about St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, but nothing is more important than the way we devote ourselves to our pediatric patients, cherishing each one as a gift, an honor and a privilege to care for.

We are delighted to share our medical expertise with you, and we pride ourselves on making you and your child feel comfortable, respected and appreciated while we all work together as a team to overcome your child’s health adversity.

Our clinical outcomes and patient success stories speak for themselves, and our entire hospital team, along with our furry Unmonsters friends, know that warm fuzzies and a fun, loving environment go a long way in the healing and recovery process – so there’s no shortage of smiles and caring at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital! 

Find a Doctor for Your Family

Find a Pediatric Specialist

BayCare has a variety of board-certified physicians dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care. Let us guide you to the right physician.

Patient Education & Support

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital has a variety of education and support information available for parents. We are here to help you learn more to help support your whole family. 
A father and mother watch their daughter playing on a swing set.
A father and his young daughter eating a healthy meal together.

Parent Resource Center

BayCare knows that parents may have fears and concerns when it comes to their children. We have collected helpful and informative topics that may help answer some of your questions. 

Urgent Matters

BayCare's pediatric emergency departments were designed with your child’s health and well-being in mind. We have board-certified physicians, child life specialists and many other special services to help your child get the best possible care. 
A female doctor holds a baby girl while a male doctor uses a stethoscope to check the baby's lungs