What Is The Work/Life Component of EAP?

We recognize that employees and their family members often need help above and beyond traditional mental health counseling in order to maintain a healthy and well-balanced work and personal life. Therefore, BayCare supports the employee’s everyday needs with online services comprised of more than 20,000 resources providing information on health and wellness, family life, financial and legal questions, self-assessment tools, and more. 

How Will My Organization Benefit From EAP?

Since the 1970s, studies by Fortune 500 companies have shown that there is a return on investment of between $5 and $7 for every dollar spent on EAP.  Savings are realized through increased productivity, employee retention and reduction in absenteeism and accidents.  EAP provides consultation to management on how to recognize and refer valued employees to the program., as well as consultation on development of policies and procedures such as drug free workplace and violence prevention. Also included is consultation on developing drug free workplace and violence prevention policies and procedures.

Why Should I Consider Using BayCare?

BayCare Behavioral Health has been providing EAP services for over fifteen years.  We are the first freestanding EAP in Florida to have been awarded the prestigious CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation, signifying excellence in our field.  BayCare has been a leader in delivering innovative services to the workplace and maintains a network of licensed master’s and doctoral level clinicians nationwide. In addition to providing EAP and Work/Life services, BayCare offers workshops, seminars, management training and orientation to EAP. Sophisticated utilization reporting software allows managers at EAP contracted organizations to review trends in employees’ needs and respond accordingly. While protecting anonymity, satisfaction surveys can provide data supporting the viability of EAP and its effects on increasing productivity by reducing absenteeism and turnover.

When a traumatic incident or incidents occur in the workplace, EAP personnel trained in crisis intervention confer with management in order to recommend the best approach to helping those affected. Counselors are on-site as needed.

BayCare partners with contracted companies to develop and implement a plan to promote EAP services. For additional information: email or call 800-878-5470.