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Whether a child is starting kindergarten or starting their senior year, we want to help them stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while they're at school. Our school resources offer parents information to help get kids stay safe and healthy throughout the year.

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Coping with Stress
March 27, 2020

Dr. Nick Dewan shares tips on how to cope with stress.Learn more about BayCare's behavioral health services


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The Weight of Heavy Backpacks on Children
December 30, 2020

David Siambanes DO. discusses the weight of heavy backpacks on children and back pain associated with it. Learn more about BayCare’s children’s health services at

Activities and Coloring Pages


Ways To Stay Healthy: Hand Washing Story and Demonstration (Pre-K-2nd grade)

Kids can join in on this interactive short story, told by one of our wellness and safety experts and the help of some of her friends. Kids will learn about the different types of germs they may encounter at school or home and the importance of proper hand washing, followed by a demonstration of the proper way to wash your hands.

The Correct Way to Wash Your Hands

There are seven steps to properly washing your hands. Learn about proper handwashing to help stay protected from germs.


Student Athletes

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Kids and Vaping
September 16, 2020

Dr. John Prpich discusses vaping and the affects in children.Learn more about BayCare’s children’s health services

Student Athletes


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Kids and Concussions
January 25, 2019

Dr. Kevin Elder discusses the importance of recognizing concussion in youth athletes, management strategies and information about evaluation and prevention of concussion. Learn more about BayCare’s children’s health services.


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The Importance of Stretching and Nutrition for Youth Athletes
June 02, 2021

Dr. Tracey DeLucia discusses keys to keeping youth athletes in the game including nutrition and stretching. Learn more about BayCare’s children’s health services at

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