BayCare Pediatrics Residency Program

Program Overview

The St. Joseph's Children's Hospital pediatric residency program is a community-care focused training program that will provide much needed services to the children and their families in multiple locations throughout West Central Florida. As one of BayCare’s first sponsored programs, we believe in the train to retain model. BayCare has many career opportunities available, and we want our residents to continue practicing in the Tampa Bay area whether it is after residency or coming back after fellowship.

As a new program, there will be many opportunities to be innovative. We will encourage our residents to think outside of the box when it comes to medical education. Program leadership welcomes new ideas for program design, structure, and continuous improvement.

Our program size is ideal, and it enables residents to work closely and directly with faculty, enabling small group learning and foster opportunities to develop relationships with lifelong mentors in pediatrics. Residents will be assigned a mentor who they work closely with during their three years of training however we encourage residents to select additional advisors based on their needs and interests.

Our program also strongly believes in resident wellness. It is necessary that we care for ourselves in order to care for our patients. Our program will provide education and awareness on various topics through social events, conferences, online resources, and incentive programs.

I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to work with passionate people regarding the field of psychiatry. Historically I have been a full-time professor at the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, though clinical opportunities took me away from academia, I was always waiting for the opportunity to return. We are a new program, and this gives us the ability to shape the program in such a way to being forward thinking and relevant to the world we live in today.
Dr. Hal Levine, Psychiatry Residency Program Director