Anterior Hip Replacement


Turn to Winter Haven Hospital for the latest in minimally invasive hip replacement. The anterior hip replacement procedure offers a smaller incision and leaves more of the muscles around the hip untouched, helping you recover quickly for a more pain-free, functional life.

What is an Anterior Hip Replacement?

The anterior approach is a total hip replacement for patients with joints destroyed by trauma or disease.

The anterior approach is a viable alternative to the posterior approach. During the anterior approach, a surgeon makes a minimally invasive incision through the front (anterior) of the leg instead of the back (posterior) of the leg, which makes it possible for the surgeon to reach the joint by separating muscles, instead of cutting and reattaching muscles.

Advantages of the anterior hip replacement include:

  • Less damage to major muscles
  • Potentially less pain following surgery
  • A quicker recover from surgery and a shorter hospital stay
  • Less risk of hip dislocation and better range of movement

Physicians that perform the anterior hip replacement procedure at Winter Haven Hospital include:

  • Samuel Messieh, MD, Total Joint Replacement Medical Director
  • Juan Alvarez, MD
  • William Cooper, DO

For a referral to a physician performing anterior hip replacements, call 1-800-BayCare, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Anterior Hip Journey

Follow two of Dr. Messieh's patients as they explain their anterior hip replacement surgery experience at Winter Haven Hospital.

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