Chronic-Complex Clinic

The Chronic-Complex Clinic at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital treats children with extraordinarily special needs. Our young patients cope with a variety of complex medical issues simultaneously, some of which include premature birth, cancer and blood diseases, congenital disorders, cerebral palsy, heart disease and autism. As a result, these children may also experience developmental delays in speech, motor and cognitive development.

We know our patients as individuals and provide a "medical home" where children can grow up receiving consistent care and comprehensive health services in one place, each and every time they need an appointment. Our social worker, child life specialist and Children's Medical Services case manager support children and families through their medical care, and parents truly appreciate the convenience, accessibility and continuity of care their children receive in our clinic.

Call the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Chronic-Complex Clinic at (813) 554-8093 or (813) 554-8500.