Bartow in Scrubs

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2020 Bartow In Scrubs dates: April 30 and September 24

Welcome future BARTOW IN SCRUBS graduates. 

Bartow Regional Medical Center is excited to announce the launch of Bartow in Scrubs  Making Rounds at Bartow Regional Medical Center.

This program will offer leaders in our community the opportunity to spend the day at Bartow Regional Medical Center while interacting with our highly skilled and dedicated team members. With three track combinations you are sure to have a dynamic experience scrubbing in and being our guest for the day.

Bartow in Scrubs Program Schedule:

7:30am: Arrival; Breakfast
8:00am: Leadership Welcome
8:15-9:30am: Track Combo #1 Begins
9:30-9:45am: Business Break
9:45-11am: Track Combo #2 Begins
11-11:15am: Business Break
11:15am-12:30pm: Track Combo #3 Begins
12:30pm: Lunch; Guest Speaker
1:30-2pm: Closing Remarks; Dismissal

Registration is now closed. For immediate questions or technical difficulties, please email

Track Combo Offerings

You will have the opportunity to participate in the following rotational track combinations:

Surgery Track

Robotics - Making Rounds with Robots: Come see how this minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery works by spending some time with our robotics surgery team and our da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

Emergency and Vascular Services Track

Emergency Services - An Excursion into the ER: Experience a place where the doors never close and our dedicated staff never stops providing exceptional care.

Cardiology - The Heart of the Hospital: Spend some time learning about the advanced and comprehensive services offered for cardiovascular care. 

"Behind the Scenes" Track

Imaging - Imagine the Possibilities: Spend some time with our staff and their machines that allow us to take an important and intimate look into the human body. 

Pharmacy - Phenomenon of Modern Medicine: Spend time with our pharmacists and learn about the modern marvels of pharmaceuticals in the healthcare system and our unique "meds to beds" program. 

Facilities - Keeping the Light On: Tour a part of the hospital that most do not get to see! Learn about the unique challenges our facilities team faces in healthcare.

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