Wellness Resources

Your health is our number one priority. As our community continues to be impacted by this public health situation, we have collected some content that might help you and your family stay healthy. Below you will find topics on healthy habits, emotional wellness, nutrition, physical fitness and more. 

Healthy Habits



The Correct Way to Wash Your Hands

There are seven steps to properly washing your hands. Learn about proper handwashing to help stay protected from germs.


Emotional Wellness



How to Manage Stress During Challenging Times

If you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed during the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. To help you manage stress and anxiety, Laura Arline, MD, interim chief quality officer at BayCare, provides some helpful tips.

Cabin Fever/Isolation: What Can I Do?

Are you feeling closed in and developing feelings of isolation, loneliness, and boredom? COVID-19 news and rules can be distressing, so join us as we explore ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Led by a BayCare mental healthcare professional, this 12 minute webinar will offer practical tips to help you focus on your emotional well-being in these uncertain times.

BayCare Behavioral Health – Communication During Difficult Situations

Taking a few minutes to tune into the dynamic aspects of communication can be key in being a successful communicator. Learn your communication style and how that plays a role.

BayCare Behavioral Health – Overcoming Boredom

We are discovering a new way to live in which we are limited to our normal activities. Here’s a few tips to overcome that barrier.

BayCare Behavioral Health – Understanding and Building Resiliency

Here are a few ways to better withstand, overcome and adapt in a positive matter to an crisis or ongoing issue.

BayCare Behavioral Health – Prioritize Yourself

How can you make yourself a priority? Listen for a quick tip in making you your own greatest asset.


Physical Health



Balance Exercise
Looking like a Florida flamingo while trying to work on your body's balance? Instead of balancing on one foot, try these layered exercises to increase your balance and stability.
Lateral Lunge
Feeling less than fit? The lateral lunge is an excellent and quick lower body exercise to strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes.
Pivot Exercise
One of our fitness center experts demonstrates how to do a pivot - an exercise you can do anywhere!
Movement Snack – Chest

No gym or weights needed. Take a few minutes to move through your day. This will help to open your chest and upper body to improve posture and strengthen the core.

Movement Snack – Thoracic Spine

No gym or weights needed. Take a few minutes to move through your day. This quick exercise will help release tension in your back, spine and hips.

Movement Snack – Total Body

Here are six quick moves in two minutes to break up your day and feel better.

Movement Snack - Warrior One

No gym or weights needed. Take a few minutes to move through your day with this quick yoga-like desk moves for any fitness level.

BayCare Fitness Centers Chair Yoga - Hip

Combat sitting and keep your hips mobile with a quick Chair yoga session.

BayCare Fitness Centers Chair Yoga-Eagle

Create upper body mobility as you move through Eagle

BayCare Fitness Centers Chair Yoga - Breath Work

Take a quick break in your day to destress and focus on your breath.

BayCare Fitness Centers Chair Yoga - Body Scan

Tune in to where you feel stress in your body by performing a quick body scan.


Food and Nutrition



Overnight Oats Recipe

Get ahead of the morning game with our overnight oats for an easy, healthy breakfast. Find this oat-standing recipe here.

Tuna Wrap Recipe

What’s healthy, light and crunchy? Our delicious tuna wrap, loaded with fresh vegetables and flavor. Tune into this recipe here.

Chickpea Salad with Feta and Greek Lemon Dressing

Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or even breakfast, a summer salad is not only delicious, it keeps you cool because there’s no standing over a stove! Enjoy our healthy recipe for chickpea salad with feta and Greek lemon dressing. 


Humanity at Work



BayCare Health Plans Donate Hygiene Kits to Local Seniors

BayCare Health Plans, a subsidiary of BayCare, is doing its part to help the community during the coronavirus pandemic. BayCarePlus Medicare Advantage is collaborating with Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas and Senior Connection Center to donate 2,000 hygiene kits to seniors in the Tampa Bay area.

BayCare Neonatologist Uses Musical Talents to Inspire Others

Dr. Alfonso Vargas, a neonatologist at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital and medical director of St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital’s Therapeutic Hypothermia Programs, is not only a rock star in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), he’s also an actual rock star who is part of the Tampa Bay area acoustic duo SweetLick. Along with bandmate, Keith Schwier, Dr. Vargas wrote the song “Stronger” to bring a ray of hope during these trying times. 

St. Anthony’s Hospital Cheers for Discharge of COVID-19 Patient

When Marlene Sherman arrived at St. Anthony’s Hospital on March 27, she already had been feeling the effects of the novel coronavirus. Now, after nearly three weeks in the hospital, spending some of that time in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator while suffering from COVID-19, Sherman was discharged on April 17. Watch hospital staff celebrate her discharge.

BayCare Makes Personal Protection Equipment for Health Care Workers

For some BayCare team members, sewing was never in their job description. But, when coronavirus began to spread, they put their sewing skills to use to help protect the lives of those at the front lines. A group of creative team members, led by longtime nurse Susan Milliken, have set up shop at BayCare’s system office making personal protection equipment for health care workers. For more information, visit BayCare.org/newsroom.