Welcome to our Report to the Community. BayCare celebrated its 20th anniversary as a health system in 2017 and began what turned out to be an extraordinary year of goal setting, achievement and teamwork as we strive to deliver clinical excellence to our patients in every setting. Our goal is to be in the top 20 percent of health systems nationally, and during 2017 we made important progress toward that goal.

Our Report to the Community provides a general idea of what we are working on as a health system, along with stories of our impact on patients, team members and our community. You’ll see that although we are a very large health system, with 15 hospitals and $4.39 billion in annual revenue, we strive to treat every patient and customer with humanity and extraordinary care. You’ll also see that we are focused on ensuring that we provide high-quality care for everyone, regardless of whether they have good insurance or none at all. While we do not have corporate shareholders to impress, we do have our community that depends on us. And they deserve our very best.

Continuing Education video

Continuing Education

BayCare invests in its team members. It has an annual training and education budget of around $55 million and in 2017 paid $6.6 million in tuition reimbursements to 3,500 team members attending 124 educational institutions. For Albanian immigrant Entela Ademi, BayCare’s education programs were the key to the American dream. She got a first job cleaning rooms at BayCare’s Morton Plant Hospital. Today, she is a registered nurse there and is considering a master’s degree. Read more >>>

Behavioral Health video

Behavioral Health

BayCare provides a wide range of behavioral health services for all ages and for many types of mental health issues, because BayCare believes in caring for the whole person. Kim, a widowed mother of four children, was desperate to find help for her 13-year-old son, whose behavior problems since his father’s death had gotten so serious that she was considering placing him in a residential treatment facility. Then she found out about BayCare Behavioral Health’s Community Action Team in Pasco County and its unique approach to helping troubled children and their families. Read more >>>

Financial Assistance video

Financial Assistance

When a person in our community needs medical treatment but can’t afford to pay for it, BayCare’s Financial Assistance department steps up to try to help. The department employs about 100 team members – its “Army of 100” – who work to get people the care they need regardless of their ability to pay. They also help patients apply for Medicaid, Social Security disability and other assistance programs. When Honorita P. Darden was diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have insurance, she was denied assistance at several hospitals. But she got financial help and quality medical treatment from BayCare. Read more >>>

Community Benefit video

Community Benefit

BayCare believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality health care, regardless of their ability to pay for it. As a not-for-profit health system, BayCare provided $391 million in 2017 in community benefit to uninsured and underinsured patients who might not receive the care they needed without the safety net that BayCare provides. That number includes $24 million for educating health care professionals and providing health services to Tampa Bay-area groups and communities, such as Clearwater’s North Greenwood neighborhood, where BayCare and a local church worked together to organize a free health fair for residents. Read more >>>



    $2.6 Billion


    $2.2 Billion


    $541 Million


    $263 Million


    Bartow Regional Medical Center

    $71 Million

    Mease Dunedin Hospital

    $149 Million

    Mease Countryside Hospital

    $462 Million

    Morton Plant Hospital

    $941 Million

    Morton Plant North Bay Hospital

    $164 Million

    South Florida Baptist Hospital

    $171 Million

    St. Joseph's Hospitals*

    $1.26 Billion

    St. Joseph's Hospital-North

    $187 Million

    St. Joseph's Hospital-South

    $196 Million

    St. Anthony's Hospital

    $490 Million

    Winter Haven Hospital**

    $429 Million

    *Includes St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital.

    **Includes Winter Haven Women’s Hospital.


    BayCare Hospitals

    $5.21 Billion

    BayCare Medical Group

    $644 Million

    Ambulatory Services

    $469 Million

    Patient Care and Support Services

    $169 Million

    BayCare Behavioral Health

    $129 Million

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$1.76 Billion

Planned Capital Expenditures

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Number of BayCare
Employees in Tampa Bay